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Research and development.

The core of the business.

The most exciting part of any business, as in life, is new experiences, therefore much of our budget goes into the research and development of new products.

Aesthetics are as important as functionality.

With this in mind, we start with the basic concept on the drawing board and work out many of the design features required and the best way to achieve the final product, once this has been done we move to the prototype, testing for flaws and any design issues that may have been missed in the concept design stage.

Often the only way to test this is with a live example of the product in day to day use.

Once tested and functional the aesthetics come into play, choice of timber, lacquers or oils, metal finishes for both visible and hidden fixings along with a number of other small but significant details.

We have a number of concepts in design at any one moment, some are just thoughts others are close to completion.

even as a new company we are setting standards and bringing new products to the marketplace.

Some of these products are our own ideas while some we have been commissioned to work on and produce to clients’ initial guidelines.

We have been lucky enough to be given free rein over many of the products that we have been commissioned on, allowing the creative side to run wild, this has also allowed for a better more diverse product to be developed.

Do you have a product you would like to have developed?

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