Our mission.

To be market leaders.

Yes, that same old story, so why will we be different?

The automotive industry is a vast market with as many opportunities.

Steeped in history and advancing by the day, there is a large market for restoration of the more classic marques and innovative designs for future classics.

With a heritage in traditional joinery, automotive woodworks are moving into the world of four wheels, aiming to bring high-end restoration/replacement of original parts and the innovative design of new products for any vehicle whether old or new.

Our focus is on quality, design and functionality.

As with the vehicles the skills and trades cover many years of experience, from the traditional tools such as spokeshaves, cabinet scrapers, compass planes etc. through to modern 3D digital scanning equipment, cad drawing and I hate to admit it as a traditional craftsman but CNC machines also have their place in some of the products we have in development.

Much of the design process for some of the products we are working on, is dynamic at the birth of each concept, evolving through many stages before being released into the marketplace.

We are not always first to market with our products but as time moves on we will be showcasing new products and ideas that have not yet seen the light of day.

So to answer the question.

The difference is: being able to marry the old with the new, creative minds with traditional skills and pride in the product you are producing.

Do you have a project in mind that needs bringing to fruition or the final fettling before you fit it into your pet project?

Get in touch to see how we can help.