A look at new products.

This is where we add new products that we have not seen before, these are designed, prototyped and refined in house.

We expect all of these to be innovative ideas not seen on the market before.

Some are from our own concepts, others are from commissions or projects where we work in collaboration with other companies.

Do you have a project that would benefit from adding a natural timber element to it?

Then please contact us to see how we can assist in your project.

Iroko grab rails.

Grab rails.

Just a little something new to compliment the tub cappings.

Timber tub capping for Defenders.

This is a project we worked on for a Landrover defender, this will work with many other vehicles that have a tub.

Wood and stone centre console.

Released in February 2022.

This centre console has a couple of innovative ideas, made from American black with a natural stone inlay, the stone inlay is translucent and trimmed with lights set under and running down each side.